Are You Ready To Scale Your Etsy Shop?

Building a solid SEO strategy in Etsy can be a daunting task...

However, we put together a few Etsy SEO tools that help make it much easier!

Wether you're looking for a budget-friendly, pay-as-you-go, or monthly fee

We have each top-ranking Etsy SEO tools with their pros & cons

Why not just use Etsy Ads instead of a SEO tool?
Etsy ads vs SEO

Etsy ads are awesome, but they have a few downfalls

Paying for Etsy ads can definitely start adding up...

Plus, your shop only benefits while the ads are up

Utilizing these tools can help increase your shop's organic customer reach

So your're not just relying on Etsy ads alone

Not to mention that using these tools can also assist you with better understanding your customers wants & needs

Top 5 SEO Platform Tools (Not By Ranked Order)

eRank (Free & Paid)

eRank Review

Keyword Research: provides keyword suggestions and helps sellers identify relavent keywords for their products

Competitor Analysis: Having the ability to analyze competitors, gain insights into their strategies and find opportunites they're missing out on

Performance Tracking: Track your shop's performance over time, including views, favorites, and sales from your customers!

For Etsy: eRank is specifically designed for Etsy sellers, which makes the platform perfect for YOU!


A bit of a learning curve: If you don't some of the basics, eRank can be a bit complex initially until you delve depper to maximize it's potential

Limited Free Version: eRank does offer a free plan, but it lacks a ton of features as compared to their paid plans

Data Accuracy: While some users don't see too much of a discrepancy, data accuracy is dependant on Etsy's API so there is a potential for misleading data

Alura (Free & Paid)

Alura Review

Etsy Extension: Having a built-in extension in etsy is amazing when doing product research

Free Resources: Product fee calculators, privacy policy generator, top etsy sellers, and many more... all FREE

Email Marketing Options: Design more intuitave emails to assist with automations, so you can focus on your shop

Shop Analyzer: Thoroughly analyze your shop as well as your competitors to better understand what is & isn't working


Limited Free Version: Just like eRank, Alura's free version is extremely limited

Still a New Software: Alura was just recently pushed to market, so their could be a few bugs if you decide to implement it

Email Limits: While the email marketing is an awesome feature, you do have limitations based on your package

Expensive: Alura is a bit more expensive that it's competitors due to the additional features it offers

Etsy Hunt (Free & Paid)

Etsy Hunt Review

Large Product Database: Enjoy a platform that has data on over 48M etsy products, 560M Etsy tags, and 120K Etsy shops

Multiple Affordable Packages: Multiple packages helps with where any seller current stands

Keyword Analysis: Analyze keywords and compare them to other stores to better tune in your SEO strategy


Tiered Packaging: Multiple tiered packages has it's own max limitations per package

Too many features: With many extra features, this makes it a bit more difficult for sellers to dial-in exactly what they're looking for

Marmalead (Only Paid)

Marmalead Review

Competition Analysis: Enjoy a platform that has data on over 48M etsy products, 560M Etsy tags, and 120K Etsy shops

Educational Resources: Enjoy a platform that has data on over 48M etsy products, 560M Etsy tags, and 120K Etsy shops

User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a platform that has data on over 48M etsy products, 560M Etsy tags, and 120K Etsy shops


No Free Tier: Without a free tier package, you're forced to pay before even trying the platform

No Shop Analysis: Unlike it's competitors there's no shop analyis feature on their platform

Sale Samurai (Free & Paid)

Sale Samurai Review

Modern Interface: Unlike other platforms, this is built with a cleaner interface

Automation Options With 3rd Party Apps: Sale Samurai boasts Automation options such as printify for on-demand sales

Sales Analytics: With access to price spreads, shipping days, costs, etc... This is a very useful tool for your Etsy shop


Limited Free Tier: With a free tier, the features are extremely limited

Buggy: The platform is more modern, but there are plenty of bugs that make it difficult to navigate

Best Free SEO Tools For Etsy Sellers

We gave our top 5 SEO software picks for Etsy's SEO...

But everyone likes free things!

Below are a few free tools that can help elevate your store!

Etsy Search Bar

Just like how SEO professionals like ourselves use the google search bar to find keywords

You can do the same in Etsy's search bar!

Simply start typing and Etsy will automatically show keywords that most consumers are looking for

Etsy Search Bar

Google Keyword Planner

Google's very own keyword planner is a great free tool with a simplistic layout

That shows trends, competition, and monthly searches for certain keywords

It even breaks down the keywords searches by mobile!

Google Keyword Planner

Google Search

Just like Etsy's search bar...

You can simply start typing in google's search bar

And watch as it autocompletes long-tail keywords that you can start targetting!

Google Search

Google Trends

Similair to how Google's Keyword Planner works,

Google trends shows great data in terms of search trends

To better target trends in the market

Our personal favorite feature is the related queries to add extra depth into your keyword implementation

Google Trends

Pinterest Trends

A runner-up to Google Trends is Pinterest Trends

Pinterest is still a top-growing social media platform

With over 482M users, having access to users trending searches can be extremely benficial!

Pinterest Trends

Final Review

In conclusion...

Our final ratings of the top Etsy SEO Tools are as based off the sellere's needs:

Best Overall
eRank Logo
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Performance Tracking
Try It Today! Our review
Best Budget
Etsy Hunt Logo
  • Product Database
  • Multiple Packages
  • Keyword Analysis
Try It Today! Our review
Top Keyword Research
Sale Samurai Logo
  • Keyword Research
  • Modern Interface
  • Sales Analytics
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