Mobile SEO & It's Importance

If not one of the most important deciding factors of technical SEO,

Mobile SEO is definitely in the top 3 ranking factors when considering ranking your website.

Optimizing your page for a mobile-first outlook

Has shown that pages rank much higher in Google...

As well as increased conversion rates throughout websites

Let’s dive into different tips to help optimize your pages for mobile SEO!

Why is mobile SEO so important?

With 5.9 million Google searches/minute,

User google search on mobile

63% of those searches are from mobile devices within the US!

46% of the searches are also based on local intent

As most mobile searchers are usually on-the-go

And ready to purchase NOW

Just from the stats above…

You should see the exact reason why you’re only missing out

If your page isn’t optimized for Mobile SEO

Not only do most searches come from a mobile user

But Google shows mobile optimized websites FIRST over other sites

Google search from mobile phone

Google is all about answering questions as quickly as possible for users

So if your site is setup for mobile…

Google will happily reward you with great rankings

When you or your development team create new pages

It should be with a mobile-first mentality

And work with the desktop version later

This will help ensure your pages reap the benefits of Mobile SEO as much as possible!

Mobile user experience

Mobile User Experience

Having a great Mobile UX (User Experience)

Not only does great for your rankings in Google,

But it also helps retain customers if they can easily browse your website

Below are some key factors when it comes to Mobile UX

  1. Responsive Design (Easily accessible on different devices)
  2. Page Load Speed
  3. Mobile-Friendly Content (Fonts, font sizes, content breaks)
  4. Optimized Images & Media
  5. Mobile page structure and markup

Responsive Design

Having your pages fully responsive for different mobile devices

Is what responsive design is all about!

From old brands to newer brands,

There’s hundreds of different devices out now a days…

If you cover the general basis,

Your website is bound to be responsive for over 90% of your potential mobile customers

Page Load Speed

Mobile page load speed optimization graph

We all hate a slow loading website…


So much so,

That we usually just find another site if it doesn’t load within 2 seconds!

Your pages need to load as quickly as possible

That way your customers can see your content

Before they decide to find another site

Mobile-Friendly Content

Throughout the years,

We’ve seen plenty of website titles that cover most of the page in mobile.

It’s safe to say that those sites typically don’t last too long…

Having a great structure in your page,

With fonts and font sizes that make sense, as well as breaking your content up

So it’s not just blobs of text

Is immensely helpful for your readers

Optimizing Images & Media

Mobile page load speed optimization graph

The top reason for pages loading slow are usually images and videos

Luckily, there are many softwares out these days

That can easily help with optimizing your beautiful images

My personal favorite is

All you need to do is add your images in and VOILA

Images optimized

Another favorite in the space is

Cloud convert is a huge help with turning your bulky jpg & png’s

Into the new standard images known as webp images

Mobile Page Structure And Markup

Going the extra mile and adding certain features

Such as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), Rich Snippets, etc..

Really helps with out-competing your competitors

As most will usually just stop when it comes to the design of the mobile page.

Following the SEO fundamentals are a necessity for all pages

This goes for Desktop or Mobile


Mobile SEO benefits

Mobile SEO Optimizations have insane benefits

Not only for ranking, but for your overall brand as well.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Google’s mobile-first outlook on websites

Make’s mobile SEO a huge key factor

When wanting to increase your rankings for higher organic search results

Enhancing User Experiences

Having a structured UX design gives your customers

An easier way to navigate through your site

To ultimately convert...

With a higher possibility to retain them as customers as well!

Increased Mobile Traffic

Earlier we gave stats of searchers that come from mobile devices

With user’s relying on their mobile devices…

If you do it the right way,

You’ll see an amazing jump in your mobile organic traffic

Reduced Bounce Rates

Bounce rates is based off how many users come to your page

How long they stay on your page

And if they go to another site to find the answer

For example,

If your page loads too slow, the customer will automatically leave

And your bounce rate increases,

Which decreases your rankings in Google

Higher Conversion Rates
Conversion rate increases for Mobile SEO

When you focus on mobile-first intent

Conversion rates end up increasing

Given the amount of potential customers

That are constantly searching for products in Google

Brand Reputation

Word of mouth goes a long way!

If you provide a great mobile experience

Customers may send your page to friends and family members.

The possibilities are never-ending when it comes to increasing your brands reputation

Local SEO

Local SEO optimizations for Mobile

If your website is a local business

You can gain a ton of traffic by adding your city, state, zip code, etc..

Onto your page.

Google has updated their algorithm to primarily show local results

To mobile searchers on-the-go.

Having your website target local keywords,

As well as utilizing Google My Business

Will largely increase your mobile traffic.

Local link building is a great way to assist Local SEO

To deliver the best results possible for your local business

Having the outside backlink

Link back to your page with the city and services/products you provide

Is the best way to optimize your backlinks

When attempting to rank for Local SEO